We can provide a thorough and in-depth physical and biochemical assessment of all aspects of your health, at a fraction of the cost charged by private hospitals and health insurance companies, with the added benefit of continuity of care from your friendly local GP.

Our health check-ups can be tailored to your specific concerns or cover all angles. We offer expert physical exams, blood pressure, ECG (heart rhythm), oxygen levels and referral for more tests, if indicated. Blood tests covering all major organs as well as cholesterol, blood sugar/diabetes, prostate/breast cancer markers, vitamin and mineral levels.

Full Medical Check-ups

  • Initial Consultation with nurse (30 minutes)
  • Blood pressure check, Heart rate measurement
  • Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) Measurement
  • Urine test to check kidney function and for infection
  • Bowel Screening for those over 50 – Patient to Register for this in advance
  • Heart assessment (Resting ECG)
  • Blood tests – including cholesterol, sugar, haemoglobin, iron; liver and kidney function, full blood count; glucose.
  • Men: PSA (Prostate) blood test – usually for men over 40
  • Women: Cervical Smear test (please advise us in advance if you think you will need a smear test as we need to ensure you are registered with the cervical check programme)
  • Lifestyle questionnaire review – covering diet, exercise and lifestyle issues.

Follow-up Consultation with doctor (30 minutes)

  • Physical examination and assessment of body systems
  • Breast cancer/Testicular cancer assessment of risk and advice
  • Analysis and explanation of tests done
  • Advice on behavioural and lifestyle modification

Full Report 1 week later

  • Personalised advice to help optimise and maintain good health into the future.
  • Comprehensive review of results 

To book a Full Medical Check-Up, call reception today on 021 7336505

*You may be able to claim some or all of this cost back from your health insurance and/or your tax at the end of the year.