Travel vaccines

Different countries have infectious diseases that are either uncommon or not present in Ireland. Vaccination prior to travelling can prevent either serious or fatal illness.

It is imperative to get vaccinated prior to travelling to certain countries to prevent being infected with such diseases.  The medical staff at The Ryecourt Clinic will advise what vaccines are required as well as giving other important advice re safe healthy travelling.

Depending on the country you are visiting, your vaccinations may be given in just one or more visits.

However should you need a course of vaccinations we advise all clients to book a consultation in the practice approximately 6-8 weeks prior to travelling.  This ensures plenty of time to receive all the necessary vaccines and gives the body adequate time to respond to each vaccine and develop full immunity.  It also allows time to check that all booster immunisations for tetanus, diphtheria and polio are up to date.

The complete range of Travel Vaccines are available in the Ryecourt Clinic including Yellow Fever etc.