Covid 19 Vaccination Update

The news that we have been waiting for!
The HSE have finally confirmed that GP Practices and Pharmacists will be included in the roll-out of the Astrazeneca COVID vaccine.
We do not have a confirmed date just yet as to when exactly we will have the vaccine but we are estimating that we will start vaccinating our patients mid-February.
Please DO NOT phone the Practice about the vaccine at present as we do not have a waiting list in operation. Once details have been finalised we will contact cohort groups (e.g >85s first, then >75s and so on) and start vaccinating. We have been assured that supply will not be an issue and we will be able to vaccinate everyone….but this will take time.
In the meantime, let’s appreciate this progress and it is most definitely positive news and another step in the right direction­čśŐ
Please continue to Stay At Home and Stay Safe